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Fact Sheet:
Language of Instruction: English Language Prerequisite: No previous study
Minimum Cumulative GPA: 3.3 Credit Available For: College
Other Eligibility Requirements: Min. 3 College Level Courses in Major Type of Program: Semester/Year Study Abroad
Housing Options: Apartment/Off-Campus, Arranged by Student, University Residence Hall/Apartment Application Deadline: Fall/Year: February 15, Spring: September 25
Program Description:

Program Snapshot

Trinity College Dublin
BTD Logo
Trinity College is the oldest university in Ireland and one of the oldest universities in all of Western Europe. One of Ireland's major tourist attractions, the College is also an intimate part of the city at whose heart it stands, crossed by hundreds of Dubliners who use it as a daily thoroughfare. Trinity is in a leading research position in Ireland, which often takes the form of partnership with major international companies or of inter-institutional cooperation within the framework of programs of the European community. Trinity prides itself also on its tradition of personal contact between staff and students, encouraged by its collegiate atmosphere. Its staff and students form a compact academic community, with several hundred students and a number of staff living on campus.
For additional information, visit the Trinity College Dublin website
The City of Dublin

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, enjoys one of the best settings of any European city. Stretching around the wide expanse of Dublin Bay, few parts of the city are far from the sights and smells of the sea, while many center-city streets seem to end in a vista of mountains. The principal city of Ireland for most of its thousand year history, it experienced a period of rapid expansion in the 18th century. Small by present-day international standards, Dublin has nevertheless the resources of a capital city with a full and varied cultural and intellectual life. With one of the youngest populations of Europe's major cities, Dublin offers an unusually congenial atmosphere for students.

Did you know…?

A particular feature of Dublin life is the tradition of live music in every conceivable venue, from street busking to the National Concert Hall -- not forgetting the singing pubs in which traditional music still flourishes.

Trinity College is home to many famous literary figures including Bram Stoker, Samuel Beckett, and Oscar Wilde.



The program at Trinity College Dublin is for College credit only.
Minimum GPA Requirement: 3.3

Language Prerequisite: No previous study required.
Additional Course Pre-requisite(s): Successful completion of at least 3 college-level courses in major by the end of the academic semester (fall or spring) prior to departure.  

Other Requirements: Completion of at least two full years of undergraduate study by the end of the academic semester (fall or spring) prior to departure is required.


Language of Instruction



A full course load at Trinity College Dublin consists of 3-6 courses per semester (which typically equates to 25-30 ECTS credits at Trinity). Penn students must maintain a full course load while abroad and may only enroll in courses at the undergraduate level. 

Visiting students may select courses from different departments and at different levels to suit their particular needs and interests. A high proportion of teaching takes place in small groups, and lecturers are normally readily available for advice and consultation. Each student is assigned to a tutor who is a member of the teaching staff and looks after the student's academic and personal welfare.

Trinity College Dublin Academic Calendar
Trinity College Dublin Course Catalog for Incoming Exchange Students

Semester Start-Up Program                                                                                                     

All students attending Trinity College Dublin must participate in the Semester Start-Up Program (SSP). In the fall, the program runs for three weeks from late August and will consist of lectures, tutorials and field trips. The program is an interdisciplinary module in History, Archaeology, Art, Architecture and Literature. On completion of course work and assessment, students will be awarded credit. The SSP is required for all Penn students attending Trinity College.

If you are studying at Trinity for the spring semester, you are required to take a week-long version of the Semester Start-Up Program. This program runs in the week before normal teaching begins in January and does not bear credit.

Grading Scale

As on all Penn Abroad programs, grades are recorded on the Penn transcript and are calculated in the cumulative grade point average.  The pass/fail option can be exercised according to the Penn on-campus policy of your home school. For more information on Penn Abroad’s academic policies, click here.

Grades are reported to Penn on the Trinity College Dublin scale and then converted to Penn grades according to the following grade equivalencies:
Trinity Grade Penn Grade
66+ A
63-65 A-
61-62 B+
58-60 B
55-57 B-
52-54 C+
48-51 C
45-47 C-
40-44 D
< 40 F

Special Features

BTD Special FeaturesOrientation Activities

All Penn students are required to attend the orientation activities organized by Trinity College Dublin prior to the start of each semester. More information on Trinity’s orientation activities can be found here.

Airport Pickup

Trinity students run an optional and free Meet & Greet Service to give international students a warm welcome at the airport.

Language Courses

Students are encouraged to take an Irish language course during their stay at Trinity College.

Group Excursions

Students will participate in excursions through the Semester Start Up Programme.  The international office offers events and information about excursions in its Global Room.  The Trinity College Students’ Union organizes local and regional excursions, as well.

BTD Special FeaturesBuddy Program

Students are encouraged to participate in Trinity’s Buddy System to meet local students and help integrate into Irish culture.

Student Associations

Penn students studying at Trinity College Dublin have access to a wide range of student activities and associations.  A central hub for information on student clubs can also be found at Trinity College Students’ Union.


BTD CampusParticipants must be willing to live under local conditions for students.

A very limited number of student rooms will be available to full-year study abroad students at Trinity Hall. Trinity College has 1,000 rooms at Trinity Hall which is an off-campus residence located in Dartry near Rathmines, approximately 2.5 miles from the centre of Dublin. The majority of visiting students -- like most Irish students who do not live at home -- are accommodated in shared houses or small self-catering flats and apartments in the city center and its suburbs. Houses and flats vary in price depending on size, facilities and location.

Most visiting students are housed at the Binary Hub, located in Dublin’s city center. Students admitted to Trinity as Visiting Students will receive more information about accommodation from the Study Abroad team upon acceptance.

Information regarding accommodation can be found here and here

Cost and Finance

Penn Abroad Financial Policies

Students are charged Penn tuition and academic fees for all Penn Abroad programs.  Additional expenses will typically include items such as housing, visas, and airfare.  Please see the program budget sheets below for more information.  For more on Penn Abroad’s financial policies, click here.

Financial Aid and Study Abroad

In most cases, financial aid applies to Penn-approved programs.  Student Financial Services reviews program budget sheets each semester to determine how to appropriately adjust your aid package. For more information on how Financial Aid will work during your semester abroad, click here.

Budget Sheets

Academic Year

Scholarship Opportunities

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program: Competition for awards for study abroad, for US citizen students who are receiving federal Pell Grant funding at a 2-year or 4-year college or university. 

Next Steps

For information on the Penn Abroad application process, click here.

To open an application or learn more about the program, please click here to schedule an appointment with a Penn Abroad Global Programs Manager.

For a student perspective on life and academics in Dublin, contact a Penn Abroad Past-Participant or Exchange Student.