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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for University of Queensland, Nursing (BUQ).

Spring Budget Sheet for University of Queensland, Nursing (BUQ)
Spring Budget Sheet for University of Queensland, Nursing (BUQ)
Budget Item Cost
Tuition (This item will appear on your Penn bill) *   $23,708.00
Study Abroad Fee (This item will appear on your Penn bill) *   $2,376.00
Mandatory Health Insurance (This item will appear on your Penn bill) *   $250.00
Billable subtotal:  $26,334.00
Lodging   $6,200.00
Meals   $2,000.00
Personal Expenses   $1,700.00
Local Transportation   $500.00
Books and Supplies   $435.00
Visa Fee   $430.00
Round Trip Flight from Gateway city to Program site   $1,700.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $12,965.00
Total: $39,299.00
Cost Estimate Preparation: This cost estimate was prepared on October 31, 2017 for the Spring 2018 semester. These costs are approximations and are subject to change. The University of Queensland provides a useful budgeting guide for students studying in Brisbane on their website.

Exchange Rate: USD $1 = 1.31 AUD (10/31/17)

Lodging: Fees provided for lodging are an estimate; the exact amount depends on the specific accommodation.  Students who participate in this program do not live on campus, but are responsible for finding off-campus accommodation in close proximity to Mater Hospital.  Check with the individual housing option to determine exact fees.

Meals: Supplemental meals throughout the semester.

Personal Expenses: This estimate is meant to cover general expenses of college life, including additional course supplies, photocopying, toiletries, snacks, cell phone, etc. Personal expenses do not include any entertainment or vacation travel costs.

Local Transportation: This estimate is based on an average price for a monthly pass.  Students can anticipate a range of AUD $100-$160 per month for a monthly transportation pass.

Books and Supplies: University estimate per semester.

Additional Program Information: The compulsory OSHC health insurance is about AUD $322. Penn Abroad will pay for it initially and then add it to the student's semester bill. For all non-Australian and New Zealand passport holders, a visa is required to enter and stay in Australia to study. Full details on the student visa requirements and application process are available on the Australia Government's Department of Immigration and Border Protection website: The current application fee is about AUD $550.

Visit this link for more information on how Penn Abroad prepares program budget sheets.
* Billable item