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Programs : Budget Sheet

The following listing represents the Spring Budget Sheet for James Cook University (BJC).

Spring Budget Sheet for James Cook University (BJC)
Spring Budget Sheet for James Cook University (BJC)
Budget Item Cost
Tuition (This item will appear on your Penn bill) *   $21,088.00
Study Abroad Fee (This item will appear on your Penn bill) *   $1,958.00
Mandatory Health Insurance (This item will appear on your Penn bill) *   $267.00
Billable subtotal:  $23,313.00
Lodging and Meals   $5,718.00
Personal Expenses   $866.00
Local Transportation   $600.00
Books and Supplies   $350.00
Visa Fee   $525.00
Round Trip Flight from Gateway city to Program site   $1,800.00
Round Trip Flight from Home to Gateway City***   $0.00
Non-billable subtotal:  $9,859.00
Total: $33,172.00
Prepared on November 24, 2014 for the Spring 2015 semester. These costs are approximations and are subject to change.  Most of these expenses are based on calculations found on the JCU website for international students.

Exchange rate: US $1.00 = 1.15 Australian dollars (November 2014)

Lodging and meal estimates are based on $A1320 per month in Townsville or Cairns.  This is an approximation of an on-campus accommodation that includes room and meals. There may be an additional lodging deposit required upon acceptance of offer to a JCU Hall of Residence, to be calculated by the student.  Students who choose to live off-campus may have different housing expenses.

Personal expenses include normal spending for cultural entertainment and essential daily needs.  This expense is based on $A50 per week, over a five month period.

Local transportation was calculated at $A30 per week, based on a five month period.

The airfare price quoted above is based upon the average cost of a round-trip ticket from the gateway city of Los Angeles to Townsville as of November 2014. However, you may depart from the city of your choice. Additionally, students living outside of the Los Angeles area may need to arrange for a connecting flight to a gateway city.  These are additional variable costs, to be calculated individually by the student

***This item is a variable and must be calculated individually by the student.

Visit this link for more information on how Penn Abroad prepares program budget sheets.
* Billable item